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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Words from Anson

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Re Aug 28 Dinner at MK

I think I should write something..

Well, I would like to invite all the dinner participants to write something on this blog. This will probably serve as our 3F chronicle.

Food is nice but definitely not key here. Thanks SaltyBall for all the juicy yet professional views on all the entertainment and world affairs that interested us. Like I said at dinner, we sure have lots to bullshiit around in our individuals' little worlds with all the first hand, unrated, uncensored news for the coming months..

..and yes, we were all nosier than the general public..

I suggest we get a private dinning room next time for even more juicy Q&A session with SaltyBall.

Monday, August 28, 2006

3F summer meeting 2006

On Monday, 28th August, 2006, 3F old classmates meet first time at Kowloon side. I choose the Royal Plaza Chinese Restaurant as the meeting place. It is located in Royal Plaza Hotel which is near the Mongkok KCR station.

Despite it took us some time to search this place, I enjoy the stay here very much. It is a quite place for Salty Ball to talk about his magazine news which are all very interesting. We get a window table where there is big area of windows down to the level of our feet. I can see the breathtaking hill views outside.

The food there is delicious. We ordered pork, fish, vegetable, soup, fried rice and roasted duck. It only costs us $130 per person. Strong join us in the later part of dinner. He bought us many soveniours from Japan.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our Reunion at Wan Chai

After several months, 3F classmates meet again tonite at Wan Chai. 11 people come and we can form a football team if we like. We haven't seen Tsui Chung Man in this meeting for long time. We are happy as he comes tonite. I try to conntact Chan Yiu Cho but he's busy and can't come. Hope next time, we can gather more people.